90 Days Of Balance


To inspire positive lifestyle changes mentally, physically and emotionally and bring awareness to the interconnectedness of each aspect of wellness.

To connect with each other through the achievements and challenges we face in the quest to obtain more balance in our lives.

To mitigate the January surge of restrictive eating, unrealistic self-expectations, body shaming, obsessive thinking, and hours dedicated to making up for the months we spent telling ourselves we will get it together in the new year.

To create sustainable change through small, frequent, realistic and consistent efforts towards the long-term goal of living a healthy, balanced life.


A different healthy habit will be posted weekly on Sunday morning by 11 a.m. EST to Planks & Pizza's Instagram (IG) Story. Make sure you follow @planks.and.pizza to get updates.

Throughout the week, you will zero in on this habit, bringing awareness to how you may adapt your lifestyle to implement more of this particular habit into your daily routine.

Each week, we will pick a winner based on the most creative post! Winners for each week will be announced at the end of the 90 Day Challenge and receive prizes.

By signing up, you are completing the first challenge: committing to 90 days of healthier, balanced, more intentional living!

Beginning Sunday, October 6th, to submit an entry for the challenge, you will need to make a post on your IG story or IG feed relevant to the focus of the week. The challenge runs until December 31, 2019. This is a marathon, not a sprint. ;)

You MUST tag @planks.and.pizza and use the hashtag #90daysofbalance to make your entry count.

There is no limit on number of posts per week; however, you must post at least once to be considered eligible. Additionally, once a week is completed, the habit of focus is considered closed and you may not go back and post for that specific week's category.


Please submit any questions you may have via the Contact Form.

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