Be Intentional

It is no secret that the mind is central in supporting our goals. Our thoughts possess the power to dictate our opinions, emotions, actions and experiences.

When it comes to setting and achieving goals, first we must take a step back and look at our intentions. If we can fine-tune them to support our goals, the entire process moving forward gets much easier, and accomplishing our goals does not seem quite so overwhelming.

Here are some simple yet effective ways you can become more intentional with your thoughts and behavior starting right now!

1) Slow down. Take time to think before acting and/or reacting, and allow enough time to get tasks completed so you are not rushing through them. Try not to be in such a hurry that you forget what is happening right here and right now.

2) Lessen distractions. Say no to people, thoughts, things, etc. that do not serve your best interests and/or support your goals. This includes technological distractions, i.e. excessive TV watching or time on social media. Try to focus more on the present moment instead of focusing on the past or future.

3) How you do something matters. It's not always mind over matter, but sometimes it is! Know that your approach matters, and can sometimes be more important than what you are actually doing or what is actually occuring.

4) Plan ahead. Structure is key to most successes. Especially long-term goals. Structure can help keep you on track, and also help to reinforce new habits as you work towards implementing changes into your life.