What is Planks & Pizza?

Straight up, Planks & Pizza is a metaphor for healthy, balanced living. Everyone should balance their planks with a little bit of pizza. Life is short!



No joke, the name Planks & Pizza came to me while I was sitting on my couch eating pizza and drinking wine after I had finished taking a hot yoga class one Sunday evening. I had racked my brain for weeks trying to come up with a word or phrase that would accurately represent the health brand I wanted to create, but nothing was clicking.

Sunday night pizza and wine post hot yoga class has been a ritual of mine for years. It has become this magical time that serves as my personal reminder, reinforcement and celebration that being healthy isn’t just about discipline and working hard. It’s also about chilling hard, letting go, and enjoying life.



You've got to find that sweet spot between effort and ease to make a healthy lifestyle work. You want it to be sustainable and enjoyable. If it’s not, you will never stick with it.

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