Let's Get Philosophical

Keep it Simple

Change is hard. But this is often just our perception, not the reality. When we label something as inconvenient or requiring sacrif...

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Be Intentional

It is no secret that the mind is central in supporting our goals. Our thoughts possess the power to dictate our opinions, emotions, act...

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Have Self Compassion

Self compassion has everything to do with how we treat ourselves, talk to ourselves, and nothing to do with arrogance or conceitedness....

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Pantry Makeover


Our Pantry Makeover service is a one-on-one consultation. Erin will come to your home and help you navigate the food products you currently have on hand.
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Nutrition Monthly Autodraft


If you are looking to change lifestyle habits, behaviors, and make significant progress, this is your optimal choice. Changing habits is not a one or two-session effort. It requires time, patience, consistency, and support.
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Yoga Monthly Autodraft


Get into a routine by signing up for weekly private yoga lessons to improve strength, flexibility, mindfulness, balance, breathing capacity, mental focus, reduce stress, and improve digestion.
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Intentions for 2020
Any day can be a fresh start, but there is something special about a new year that provides that extra nudge saying, "Hey, there is no time like the p...
Dehydration, Winter & Electrolytes
Winter is coming which means the likelihood of dehydration is much higher. When we become dehydrated, we lose electrolytes. Therefore, what is lost...
Five Ways to Be More Mindful
Mindfulness is bringing awareness to your thoughts and actions without attaching judgments. It can be incredibly helpful to improve your overall well-...
Hip Hop Holiday Yoga 2018
Over 100 yogis came together this past Saturday and raised over $600 for Humane Society of Charlotte. In my two short years of being an entrepreneu...

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