Have Self Compassion

Self compassion has everything to do with how we treat ourselves, talk to ourselves, and nothing to do with arrogance or conceitedness. Research has consistently shown a positive correlation between self compassion and psychological well-being, as well as greater emotional intelligence, social connectedness, happiness and overall life satisfaction. Research has also revealed that self compassion helps to reduce anxiety, depression, shame and fear of failure.

What's not to love about self love?

All of this not only sets you up for a much happier, healthier life, but having more self-compassion will allow you to be more grounded in your thoughts and actions towards setting and achieving your goals.

Here are a few recommendations on how you can start loving yourself a little more right now.

1) Allow yourself to be imperfect. Being imperfect is awesome. Why? Because our imperfections make us unique and set us apart. Therefore, your imperfections are your game-changers and ways to help you grow.

2) Stop self-comparing. We never have the full story of anyone else's life except our own. It is a waste of time to compare your life to someone else's. Instead, try being grateful for all of the qualities you possess that make you who you are! It will take you in a much better direction.

3) Surround yourself with supportive, positive people. Just like our thoughts can dictate our actions and emotions, outside influencers can have an impact on our perceptions and feelings, including those related to self.

4) Take time to take time. It isn't always about putting the pedal to the floor or going non-stop. Sometimes it is just as important to take a breather and just be in the moment. Putting this into practice consistently is essential to long-term health, happiness and success.