Keep it Simple

Change is hard. But this is often just our perception, not the reality.

When we label something as inconvenient or requiring sacrifice, we tend to procrastinate or push it off. I am going on vacation next week, or this week is not a good week, or I already blew my diet today, so I’ll start tomorrow.

Does this sound familiar?

When we procrastinate, we build up the task or project at hand to be much bigger and more difficult than it really is. Therefore, in order to avoid procrastination, we have to change our approach by breaking things down into smaller steps. We must simplify the process, and this starts with our thoughts.

If you are not happy with something in your life, you have to change the story. The story starts with the conversation inside your head. We have a million thoughts per day, and so many of these go undetected because they are engrained, on autopilot, and habitual.

We can go through all of the motions, manage our environment, surroundings, clean out our pantries, buy all organic, hit the gym every day, and start from square one, but if we do not change the way we talk to ourselves, none of the efforts we make or changes we implement will last a lifetime.